Alexey Miller about talks with Ukraine



Alexey Miller

“The talks with Ukraine haven’t brought any concrete result. Ukraine is taking a nonconstructive position at the talks with the Russian Federation surrounding gas supplies in 2009. Gazprom hasn’t received any money from Ukraine as payment for the supplies of Russian gas. We are seeing now during the talks that the gas issue has ceased to be an economic one, but is a political bargaining chip for Ukraine.

We hope that in the hours remaining until the New Year we will nevertheless succeed in coming to an agreement and from January 1 gas will be supplied to Ukraine. However Gazprom reiterates that if the agreement is not reached before 0.00 January 1, at 10.00 January 1 Gazprom won’t have any legal grounds to supply gas beyond the customs territory of the Russian Federation to Ukraine,” OAO Gazprom Management Committee Chairman Alexey Miller told reporters.








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