On meeting with representations leaders of Russian Federation constituents


The Gazprom Headquarters hosted today an annual meeting with leaders of representations of the Russian Federation constituents under President and theGovernment of the Russian Federation. Participating at the meeting were representations leaders of fifty four Republics, Krais and Oblasts.

Taking part in the meeting were Valery Golubev, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, Viktor Ilyushin, Member of the Gazprom Management Committee and Head of the Gazprom Department for the Relationships with Regional Authorities of the Russian Federation, heads and experts of the Gazprom Administration’s subdivisions as well as of the Company’s subsidiaries.

Under discussion were issues related to development prospects of the gas industry, strategic tasks of Gazprom concerning the provision of reliable natural gas supplies inland and abroad, Gazprom’s interaction with regions in the hydrocarbon reserves development of the Yamal Peninsula, the Arctic offshore, Eastern Siberia and the Far East.

The meeting members also addressed the progress with the Gasification Program for the Russian Federation regions execution, crucial issues of CNG utilization as a motor fuel and discussed further prospects of Gazprom’s cooperation with the Russian Federation constituents.

Representations leaders of the Russian Federation constituents visited the Gazprom’s Central Gas Flow Dispatching Department.


As of April 1, 2008, Gazprom entered into Agreements of Cooperation with 79 regions of the Russian Federation. Preparatory work is currently underway to signing Agreements of cooperation with two more Russian Federation constituents.

Gazprom now supplies gas to the consumers of 65 Russian Federation constituents. The natural gas penetration in entire Russia accounts for 62 per cent including 67 per cent in cities, towns and settlements and 44 per cent in the rural area. 

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