Board of Directors considers measures to reduce gas losses while its production and transmission


The Board of Directors’ meeting is underway at the Gazprom Headquarters.

The Board of Directors addressed the information on the measures taken by the Company to reduce natural gas losses while its production and transmission and tasked the Management Committee to continue its activity in this direction.


Gazprom implements energy saving policy aimed at reducing the consumption of gas for internal technological needs (ITN) by gas producing and transmitting subsidiary companies. Notwithstanding the increasing rates of gas production and transmission, the Company achieved the decrease of gas consumption for internal technological needs. Thus, gas consumption for ITN between 2004 and 2007 was reduced from 6.58 bcm to 6.01 bcm at production, and from 51.94 bcm to 48.66 bcm at transmission, respectively.

Implementation of Gazprom’s Energy Saving Programs in 2002–2006 resulted in circa 15.2 bcm of natural gas economy in total.

As part of the current “Gazprom Energy Saving Program for 2007through2010”, 3.1 bcm of natural gas was saved in 2007. Aggregate savings derived from theProgram implementation are to total nearly 9 bcm of natural gas.

Special focus is placed on associated petroleum gas (APG) utilization. The Company’s targeted task in this field is to achieve in 2011 a 95 per cent utilization of APG produced by Gazprom Group.

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