Gazprom commissions new branch pipeline in Kursk Oblast

Today the Glushkovsky region (Kursk Oblast) has hosted the solemn ceremony dedicated to commissioning of the Sudzha – Korenevo – Glushkovo branch pipeline. The branch pipeline supplies gas from the gas main system of the Uzhgorod corridor to consumers of the Korenevsky and Glushkovsky regions of the Kursk Oblast.

Attending the ceremony were Alexander Ananenkov, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, Alexander Mikhailov, Governor of the Kursk Oblast, heads of municipal authorities of the Kursk Oblast as well as Gazprom delegation.

“The Kursk Oblast Administration highly appreciates Gazprom contribution towards strengthening the gas supply stability of the regional consumers. This is very important issue taking into consideration the gasification program execution in the Kursk Oblast and increase in the number of consumers,” said Alexander Ananenkov.

“The Sudzha – Korenevo – Glushkovo branch pipeline commissioning significantly increases gas supply reliability of the Kursk Oblast. Gazprom will develop gas transportation system of Russia in the aim of supplying gas to new consumers as well as increasing gas supply reliability in general,” said Alexander Ananenkov.


The total length of the Sudzha – Korenevo – Glushkovo branch pipeline is nearly 51 km. The secure gas pipeline operation is provided and controlled by a telemechanics system enabling to automatically control gas pipeline from the dispatching center located in Kursk.

The gas pipeline infrastructure includes two automatic gas distribution stations: Korenevo automatic gas distribution station located in the settlement of Obukhovka, Korenevsky region and Glushkovo automatic gas distribution station in the settlement of Veseloye, Glushkovsky region. Automatic gas distribution stations were constructed by Bryansk Plant for Metal Construction and Technological Equipment. The stations meet up-to-date requirements. Particularly, automatic gas distribution stations provide gas treatment, odorization and metering. New automatic gas distribution stations were constructed due to the Kursk Oblast gasification development.

Before commissioning the Sudzha – Korenevo – Glushkovo branch pipeline the Kursk Oblast gas supply was provided by gas transit via the territory of Ukraine. The gas pipeline construction enabled to provide gas supply to the Kursk Oblast directly without crossing the territory of Ukraine.

In 2006 Gazprom supplied Kursk with nearly 2 bcm of gas, the same amount is slated for this year.

The Agreement of cooperation between Gazprom and the Kursk Oblast Administration was signed on April 20, 2002 and the Gasification Accord was signed on March 1, 2007.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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