7th meeting on dispatching services of Yamal – Europe gas pipeline held

During October 10–11 Minsk was hosting the 7th meeting for the representatives of the dispatching services from the gas transportation companies in transit countries and consumers of Russian gas via the Yamal – Europe gas pipeline. The meeting was attended by the representatives of Germany, Poland, Belorussia and Russia.

Gazprom delegation was chaired by Boris Posyagin, Head of Central Production and Dispatching Department.

Reporting at the meeting Boris Posyagin underscored that Gazprom conducted a purposeful work on diversifying gas export routes. Therefore, the reporter underscored the importance of the Nord Stream gas pipeline construction and Gazprom entering the LNG market.

Additionally, Boris Posyagin paid attention of the participants to strengthening the role and significance of the existing gas transportation projects within today's conditions. For example, the Yamal – Europe gas pipeline operation demonstrates that the Russian gas transportation route to Western commodity markets still remains reliable and stable. During 8 years of operation Gazprom exported 173 bcm of Russian gas via the Yamal – Europe gas pipeline and in the beginning of 2007 the gas pipeline has reached the annual design capacity of some 33 bcm of gas.

In conclusion Boris Posyagin specified that Gazprom preparation for the autumn-winter period would enable to provide secure Russian gas supplies via the Yamal – Europe gas pipeline in 2007.

The participants heard reports of representatives from transit countries on the gas pipeline operation in 2007. The participants discussed measures which would enable to provide sustainable gas supply of foreign consumers pursuant to the contract obligations. The parties underscored the importance of well-coordinated work of dispatching personnel of gas supply, transit and consumer countries during the preparation process of gas production and transport facilities for the autumn-winter period.

The meeting resulted in signing a Protocol, which identifies the major principles of operational interaction of dispatching services during gas deliveries via the Yamal – Europe gas pipeline over 2007 to 2008.


The Yamal – Europe gas pipeline was commissioned on November 6, 1999. The total length of the gas pipeline exceeds 2 thousand km. The gas pipeline crosses the territory of Russia, Belorussia, Poland and Germany.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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