On working meeting between Alexander Ananenkov and Alexander Karlin

The working visit of a Gazprom delegation to the Altai Krai is in progress.

Today the town of Belokurikha has hosted a working meeting between Alexander Ananenkov, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Alexander Karlin, Governor of the Altai Krai Administration.

The meeting addressed the progress with executing the Agreement of cooperation between Gazprom and the Altai Krai Administration, particularly the issues related to the regional gasification.

Special attention was paid to the need of the strict execution of the synchronized schedule for the Altai Krai gasification facilities construction.


In 2004 Gazprom and the Altai Kray Administration signed the Agreement on cooperation for five years and the Agreement on gasification. In April 2006 the parties signed the network schedule for the construction of gasification facilities in the Altai Kray.

Gasification level of the Altai Kray is at 5.1 per cent including 7.9 per cent in cities & towns and 1.6 per cent in the rural area. The average gasification rates in Russia are at 58, 64, and 40 per cent, respectively.

In 2006 Gazprom supplied nearly 0.7 bcm of gas. The same amount is slated for this year.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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