Board of Directors examines Gazprom marketing strategy on foreign markets

The Gazprom Headquarters has hosted a Board of Directors meeting.

The Board of Directors heard information on the Gazprom marketing strategy for foreign markets.

The Management Committee was tasked to further work on increasing efficiency of the Company’s exporting business activity.

The Board took note of the information on Gazprom internal documents subject to the approval of the Board of Directors and tasked the Company’s Management Committee to improve the Gazprom internal document system.


The Gazprom strategic goal is to occupy leading position among the global energy companies due to execution of the carefully crafted marketing strategy.

Within the said strategy Gazprom’s priority issue is to maintain achieved goal on the traditional markets (Europe) meaning best execution obligations on gas supplies, increase of gas supply reliability, developing relations with traditional and new partners as well as further gas export volumes buildup.

Gazprom’s goal on the European market is the efficiency increase of natural gas marketing execution due to participation in the gas distribution segments, power generation and marketing to final customers.

An important direction of the Company’s marketing strategy is a geographical diversification of sales markets directed to fast expansion and buildup of gas deliveries primarily to North America and Asia-Pacific region. The key factor for geographical diversification development is the Company’s participation in LNG business aimed at entering new markets and increasing flexibility and reliability of gas supplies on the traditional markets.

New direction of the Gazprom marketing strategy is CO2 emissions quota trading. Participation in hydrocarbon business will expand the Company’s product portfolio and provide synergy effect from the operations conducted in different segments of the energy sector.

Special attention is paid to the European gas market liberalization, which creates additional opportunities to increase efficiency of gas marketing for Gazprom due to participation in gas distribution and marketing, while decreasing the number of intermediaries, optimizing gas portfolio and hedging market risk.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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