Gazprom is calling for deeper cooperation with partners from Germany and other EU member states

“Russia and Germany are the partners in the energy sector and investment business,” said Alexander Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Director General of Gazprom export.

On November 7, in Berlin, Alexander Medvedev while reporting at the Trustees Board Meeting of the German-Russian Forum specified that Europe, Germany and Russia were open for business.

The reporter reminded that “Germany plays the leading role in this mutual economic integration. Russia imports 14 per cent of total gas amount and Germany is an important market for us”. Additionally, he said that “Russia is the 12th important export partner for Germany”.

Alexander Medvedev pondered on new initiatives of the EU management in the sector of power generation and gas market liberalization. “I am sure that all the offers addressed for the approval will foster Europe to reach the energy security,” said Alexander Medvedev.

According to his estimates "the economic cooperation between Europe and Russia is a driving force for tighter cooperation at the political level. And Germany plays the major role in this "history of success"".

As an example of the long lasting and reliable cooperation Alexander Medvedev mentioned the fact that next year there would be a 35th anniversary of the stable Russian gas supplies to Germany. “Natural gas supply has never been interrupted since 1973, the year of first shipment,” reminded Alexander Medvedev.


The German-Russian Forum was established in Berlin in 1993 as a private independent political and social organization. The organization follows only valuable goals supporting and stimulating the civil activity in the German-Russian cooperation sector.

The forum acts as the organizational bureau of the Petersburg Dialog, which is the major debatable forum of the civil societies between Russia and Germany established by the initiative of the Russian Federation President and Chancellor of the German Federal Republic.

The forum includes politicians, economists, scientists, mass media and culture representatives, those who pay attention to cooperation with Russia.

The Forum’s activities are financed by membership fees. Some projects are financed by different funds and sponsors.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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