Gazprom takes into operation Kamensk-Shakhtinskaya compressor station

The Rostov Oblast has hosted today the ceremony dedicated to the Kamensk-Shakhtinskaya compressor station commissioning, which marks the end of the Sokhranovka CS –Oktyabrskaya CS gas main construction.

Present at the ceremony were a Gazprom delegation chaired by Bogdan Budzulyak, Member of the Gazprom Management Committee, Head of the Gas Transportation, Underground Storage and Utilization Department, Vladimir Chub, Governor of the Rostov Oblast, Mostrangaz management, representatives of the Rostov Oblast Administration, building construction contractors.

“The compressor station commissioning is an important step towards reliable gas supply to consumers of Russia’s southern regions. The Sokhranovka CS –Oktyabrskaya CS gas main enabled to directly supply gas to Russian consumers and to reduce transit costs via the territory of the contiguous country.

The end of the Kamensk-Shakhtinskaya compressor station and Sokhranovka CS – Oktyabrskaya CS gas main construction is of prime importance because it creates new opportunities and large perspectives to develop gasification of the Rostov Oblast, while resolving an important social and economic issue,” underscored Bogdan Budzulyak.


The Sokhranovka CS –Oktyabrskaya CS gas main was commissioned in December 2006. The gas main length, pipe diameter and capacity are at 310 km, 1420 mm and 28 bcm of gas per annum, respectively. The main goal of the Kamensk-Shakhtinskaya compressor station with the total 80 MW capacity is to secure standard pressure in the pipeline.

The commissioning of the Sokhranovka CS – Oktyabrskaya CS gas main provided reliable gas supplies to consumers of Russia’s southern regions as well as gas pumping into the Stavropolskoye-North and Kushevskoye UGS facilities. The gas pipeline enabled to exclude the costs for natural gas transit via the territory of Ukraine within gas transportation to consumers of the Krasnodar and Stavropol Krais, Rostov Oblast, as well as to supply additional gas volume to the Blue Stream gas pipeline.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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