Meeting on pipe deliveries to new gas transportation systems held

The Gazprom Headquarters has hosted a meeting chaired by Alexander Ananenkov, Acting Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee. The meeting was dedicated to participation of the Russian pipe companies in tenders and large diameter pipe deliveries to new gas transportation systems stipulated by the Draft General Scheme for the Russia’s gas industry development up to 2030.

The meeting was attended by Alexander Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, the Gazprom Management Committee Members including Bogdan Budzulyak, Head of the Gas Transportation, Underground Storage and Utilization Department, Yaroslav Golko, Head of the Investment & Construction Department, Igor Fyodorov, Director General of Gazkomplektimpex, heads and specialists of the core business units from Gazprom, Gazkomplektimpex as well as heads of the United Metallurgical Company and Izhora Pipe Plant.

The participants discussed issues relevant to production of pipes with 1420 mm diameter and 120 ATM pressure and pipes with 1220 mm diameter and 250 ATM pressure, which will be applied for the Yamal field gas pipeline construction as well as marine gas pipelines.

Special attention was paid to the need to produce pipes fulfilling advanced level of global standards and competitiveness towards foreign products. Therefore, the Russian pipe companies must react quickly to changes in global market and develop modern technologies.

The meeting underscored that Gazprom is interested in purchasing modern pipes of large diameter from Russian producers and their participation in pipe deliveries for big projects will stipulate development of both pipe & metallurgical industry and the country’s economy in general.


Pursuant to the Draft General Scheme for the Russia’s gas industry development until 2030 Gazprom plans to execute a number of large gas transportation projects such as:

  • Yamal – Ukhta – Torzhok with crossing via the Baidaratskaya Bay;
  • Shtokman gas condensate field – North regions of the Murmansk Oblast – Volkhov;
  • Nord Stream;
  • South Stream;
  • Altai;
  • Sakhalin – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok;
  • Chayandinskoye gas condensate field-Skovorodino – Khabarovsk.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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