Gazprom delegation visits test site for coalbed methane production technology development

Today in the Prokopievsk region (Kemerovo Oblast) Gazprom delegation chaired by Alexander Ananenkov, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and representatives of the Kemerovo Oblast Administration chaired by Aman Tuleev, Governor of the Kemerovo Oblast visited a Gazprom’s test site where at present the Company implements a pilot coalbed methane production technology development project.

The test site specialists familiarized participants with test well operation as well as major scientific results achieved within the operation. The specialists introduced a coalbed methane production technology, initially developed in Russia by Promgaz specialists. The technology is based on hydraulic fracturing method. Pressurized water is pumped into coalbed gas reservoir and deforms it. Methane gets into newly formed cavities and is pumped out later. 28 international and Russian patents were received for entire technological cycle from coalbed methane exploration to utilization. During the pilot project phase, two-thirds of equipment are made in Russia.

After visiting the test site Gazprom’s representatives and the Kemerovo Oblast Administration took part in a meeting dedicated to results of the test site operation as well as prospects for setting up a pilot methane production in Russia.


The Gazprom test site for coalbed methane production technology development was deployed in 2005 at the Taldinskaya area of Kuzbass basin where four pilot wells are in pilot operation at present.

The major issues for research performed at the test site are to turn methane reserves at the Kuzbass basin primary areas into production category reserves as well as to prepare geological, geophysical and technological basis for an industrial production project.

The test site also hosts preliminary and acceptance inspections of domestically produced pilot models of downwhole and ground equipment. Kamensky Gas Equipment Plant (a wholly owned subsidiary of Promgaz) is a supplier.

Promgaz is a Gazprom’s subsidiary, which is one of the Company’s leading scientific centers. The major business activities of Promgaz are as follows: regional complex energy project development and energy saving programs, master plans and investment projects for gas supply and gasification of Russian regions, complex oil and gas field exploration projects as well as coalbed methane reserves.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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