On personnel appoitments

Mr. Alexey Miller, Chairman of the OAO Gazprom Management Committee has named Mr. Alexey Mityushov as Director General of OOO Gazpromenergo.

Born in Kiev, Mr. Alexey Mityushov graduated from the Baltic State Technical University, getting specialty in Impulse Devices and Automatic Rotary Machines.

Since 2003 Mr. Mityushov is Head of the Property & Corporate Activity Directorate in OOO Mezhregiongaz and Director General of OAO Mezhregionteploenergo.


OOO Gazpromenergo, an OAO Gazprom wholly owned subsidiary, is primarily focused on providing uninterrupted and efficient energy supply to the Unified Gas Supply System of Russia and developing energy infrastructure of OAO Gazprom.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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