Managment Committee addresses Gazprom Group's export activity centralization issue

The Management Committee has considered it expedient for Gazprom Group to carry out its export activities via Gazprom export as an integrated channel for the marketing of liquefied hydrocarbon gases, nitrogen fertilizers, ammonia, methanol, gas condensate, oil and derivatives.

Gazprom’s core business units were tasked with developing a mechanism of switching to the integrated marketing channel when selling the Company’s products abroad.


A key business of Gazprom is efficient marketing of feedstock and derivatives produced by Gazprom Group’s subsidiary and affiliated companies.

The exclusive right to export natural gas is held by the special-purpose export arm Gazprom export as an authorized agent of Gazprom based on the Russian Federation Federal Law № 117-F3 “On Gas Export” of July 18, 2006.

The consolidation of the entire export activity within the integrated export channel is aimed at considerably enhancing Gazprom’s export potential. Clearly defined unbundling of accounts will make it possible to increase their transparency and raise the efficiency of product marketing abroad.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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