Heads of East Siberian business and organizations start study tour to Gazprom companies

Heads of businesses and organizations from the Far East Federal District have started a study tour to Gazprom companies.

In the course of the trip the delegation took part in the meeting dedicated to the Main Technical Specifications of the Unified Gas Supply System of Russia. The Rules for Formulating Procurement Needs and Placing Plant Orders.

The meeting underscored that Gazprom was intent on promoting cooperation with machine builders of the Far East Federal District. The delegation was informed of the demands placed by Gazprom on equipment, its operating conditions and competitive procurement rules.

Moreover, Gazprom is set to assist Far Eastern companies in interacting with oil and gas equipment producers in other Russian regions as well as in attracting innovative technologies and developing new products based on Gazprom’s import substitution program.

The study tour will continue until March 2 and the delegation is scheduled to visit the Belousovo compressor station, Uvyazovskoye UGS facility, a gas filling station of Kasimovavtogaz and ZiO-Podolsk.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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