Gazprom Management Committee rewards corporate authors with 2007 industry prizes

At today’s regular meeting held at the Company’s Headquarters the Gazprom Management Committee has rewarded winners of the Gazprom 2007 Science and Technology Prize. Rewards were presented to corporate authors of the following research papers:

Design and Development of a Facility for Non-Contact Electric Current Measurement in Subsurface Pipelines BITA-1 (first place award);

Development and Implementation of the Technology for Gas Mains (Condensate Pipelines) Repair and Branches and Girths Connection by means of Pressure Tie-in (second place award);

Development and Implementation of Inspection Technologies for Pipes and Pipeline Coupling Parts Targeted Application at Gas Facilities;

Gas Industry Development History;

Remote-Operated Intelligent Tool for In-Line Inspection of Gazprom Compressor Stations Piping;

Development and Introduction of Cost-Effective Design and Technology Solutions for Gas Trunklines Laying With an Increase in their Operational Reliability on the basis of Polymer Materials Utilization;

Establishment of a Protection System for Commercial Secrets and Other Confidential Information in Gazprom and its Subsidiaries;

Development and Implementation of Complex Sci-Tech and Organizational Solutions to Prevent, Control and Limit Casing Pressures in Gas Condensate Field Wells for the Purpose of Improving their Operational Safety as Exemplified by the Astrakhanskoye Gas Condensate Field;

Creation of the Yamburg-Hyperflow TM Information and Measuring System for Unelectrified Gas Well Clusters at the Aneryakhinskaya Area of the Yamburgskoye Gas Condensate Field.

The rewarded papers were prepared by 88 specialists from Gazprom, VNIIGAZ, Astrakhangazprom, Burgaz, VNIIGAZ, Volgatransgaz, Gaznadzor, Gazpromtrans, Giprogaztsentr, IRTs Gazprom, Surgutneftegaz, Uraltransgaz, Yamburggazdobycha, Mostransgaz, Kubangazprom, Severgazprom, Yamburggazdobycha, Severnipigaz – a VNIIGAZ affiliated organization, Vymplel, Diakont, YuzhNIIgiprogaz University.

The rewarded papers produced an aggregate economic benefit of some RUR 6.2 bln.

The respective companies and paper authors were rewarded with diplomas, decorations and cash bonuses.


20 research papers were nominated in 2007 for the Gazprom science and technology award. The papers had been prepared by a total of 173 authors from 12 affiliate and 9 third-party companies.

A 25-member Expert Group was created for reviewing and assessing the papers. 10 major criteria were used by experts to evaluate the papers, namely: topicality, originality, scientific and technical level, application area, result utilization scale, economic viability, commercial use potential, protectability, domestic material, technology and equipment utilization degree, presentation level and quality.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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