Gazprom supplies first gas to Irkutsk Oblast consumers

Today the town of Bratsk (Irkutsk Oblast) has hosted a solemn ceremony dedicated to commissioning of the stage 1 of the Bratsk gas condensate field – Bratsk gas main.

Attending the ceremony were Anatoly Kvashnin, Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation President in the Siberian Federal District, Gazprom delegation chaired by Alexander Ananenkov, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, Yury Paranichev, First Deputy Governor of the Irkutsk Oblast, Sergey Serebryannikov, Mayor of the town of Bratsk, Alexander Starukhin, Mayor of the Bratsk Region, Vladimir Makeev, Director General and Chairman of the Board, ITERA as well as Tomsktransgaz and Irkutskgazprom authorities.

“Commissioning of the Bratsk gas condensate field – Bratsk gas main has signalized a commencement of large-scale gasification in the Irkutsk Oblast signifying the start-up of a new stage of the regional social and economic development. Additionally, it is the execution start-up of the Eastern Program approved by the Russian Federation as well as a bright example of efficient and mutually beneficial cooperation of Gazprom as a coordinator for the Program execution and ITERA – independent gas producer. It is particularly important because it was planned before Gazprom and ITERA supplied first gas to the Irkutsk Oblast consumers this year.

Gazprom faces the state issue related to the gasification of Eastern Siberia and the Far East. The issue would be resolved comprehensively and systematically based on approved Eastern Program by the Russian Government. Gazprom actively expands its resource base in Russia’s East, increases production capacities, constructs new gas pipelines and is involved in gas marketing. All these activities will further to development of totally new life standards, economic rise, environmental improvement, development of modern gas processing industries and conditions to produce gas processing products with added value. By the example of the Bratsk project we have worked out a model of efficient mutually beneficial cooperation with independent gas producers within the development of new gas production regions in Eastern Siberia and the Far East,” underscored Alexander Ananenkov.


The Agreement on cooperation between Gazprom and the Irkutsk Oblast Administration was signed in February 2004. The Agreement on gasification was signed in December 2005.

The General Scheme of Gas Supply to and Gasification of the Irkutsk Region was approved by the Decree of the Irkutsk Region’s authorities on December 28, 2005. The Scheme contemplates establishing in the Region a comprehensive system of gas production, transmission and supply based on local hydrocarbon resources. The General Scheme prescribes providing gas supply to and gasification of the northern Irkutsk Region from existing medium- and small-sized fields. At an initial stage, the demand of consumers from the southern part of the Region is satisfied by gas from the South Kovykta field.

The General Scheme enables to supply gas to 899 population centers in 32 areas of the Irkutsk Region and prescribes constructing gas mains, pipeline branches and distribution networks as well as shaping and developing the Regional gas market.

The primary gasification facilities within the General Scheme during 2007–2009 are as follows: development projects of the Chikanskoye gas condensate field, the Chikanskoye gas condensate field – Irkutsk gas main construction and gas distribution pipelines in Bratsk.

In September 2006, within the framework of the General Scheme of gas supply and gasification of the Irkutsk Oblast, Gazprom and ITERA signed the Memorandum on cooperation for gas of the Bratsk gas condensate field in the Irkutsk Oblast.

The Bratsk gas condensate field is located in the Irkutsk Oblast where gas reserves are nearly 10.7 bcm, gas condensate – 1.4 mln tons. Bratskoekogaz (ITERA subsidiary) holds a license to develop the Bratsk gas condensate field. The development project allows to annually producing nearly 422 mcm during 14 years.

The Bratsk gas condensate field – Bratsk gas main is constructed by Tomsktransgaz. The total length of the stage 1 of the gas pipeline to block 45 in Bratsk is 26.6, pipe diameter – 325. After the construction completion of the Bratsk gas condensate field – Bratsk gas main total length is nearly 70 km. Gas marketing will be performed at the entrance to gas main.

In the Irkutsk Oblast Gazprom holds two licenses for subsoil use aimed at geological survey of the eastern and western blocks of the Yuzhno-Kovyktinskaya area. The geological survey resulted in discovery of the Chikanskoye gas condensate field by Gazprom in the Irkutsk Oblast.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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