On personnel appointments in Vostokgazprom and Tomskgazprom

Mr. Vitaly Kutepov was appointed to the post of Vostokgazprom President and Tomskgazprom Director General.

The Vostokgazprom Board of Directors appointed Mr. Kutepov to the post of the President of Vostokgazprom, the Tomskgazprom Board of Directors appointed him to the post of Director General of Tomskgazprom.

Mr. Kutepov was born in the town of Kovrov in the Vladimir Oblast. He graduated from the St. Petersburg University of Economy and Finance getting specialty in economic theory.

In June 2007 Mr. Kutepov was named as Vice President for strategic cooperation of Vostokgazprom. From November 2007 Mr. Kutepov was serving as First Vice President of Vostokgazprom.

Mr. Vitaly Yakovlev, previously serving as Vostokgazprom President, has left his office in view of movement to another job.


Vostokgazprom is a Gazprom subsidiary (with a 99.98 per cent stake in the authorized capital of Vostokgazprom). Tomskgazprom is a 100 per cent subsidiary of Vostokgazprom.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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