Results of the meeting on the implementation of the plan of synchronized bringing into operation of gas transportation system facilities for export supplies

Alexander Ananenkov, Gazprom Management Committee Deputy Chairman, held a meeting on the implementation of the “Plan of synchronized bringing into operation of priority gas transportation facilities for export supplies via Yamal – Europe gas pipeline for 2002–2006” (SRTO – Torzhok, Yamal – Europe) and construction of gas transportation facilities (Pochinki – Izobilnoye – Severo-Stavropolskoye underground gas storage facility) to facilitate export supplies via the Blue Stream trunk pipeline in 2005.

Top managers and experts of the functional divisions and departments of Gazprom, its gas transportation affiliates, Gazkomplektimpex, Yamalgazinvest took part in the meeting.

The meeting's participants discussed a number of issues related to the implementation of the Plan and construction of the Pochinki – Izobilnoye – Severo-Stavropolskoye underground gas storage facility trunk pipeline in 2005.

It was mentioned that in 2005 Yamalgazinvest plans to bring into operation 689.2 km of the SRTO-Torzhok pipeline, 308.78 km of Pochinki – Izobilnoye – Severo-Stavropolskoye underground gas storage facility pipeline, 50.7 km of pipeline to facilitate Urengoi gas transportation hub expansion, 9 compressor stations at these gas pipelines and the Yamal – Europe pipeline, 1789 km of communications lines.

Gazprom's investment program for 2005 stipulates bringing into operation 1500 km of trunk pipelines and branch pipelines, 17 compressor stations at the gas transportation system and 2 compressor stations at underground storage facilities.

The issues of the Plan's and the construction of Pochinki – Izobilnoye – Severo-Stavropolskoye underground gas storage facility financing timetable implementation, construction materials and equipment supply were discussed during the meeting.

Alexander Ananenkov stated: “Gazprom's gas transportation system development together with the development of the resource base are the main strategic priorities of the gas industry in Russia”.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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