Gazprom's top managers to meet with regional shareholders

While gearing up for the annual General Shareholders’ Meeting scheduled for 24 June 2005, Gazprom’s top managers will hold traditional meetings with the Company’s regional shareholders. On 7 and 9 June, Gazprom’s delegation is meeting with the shareholders domiciled in the towns of Krasnodar and Orenburg, respectively.

Annual meetings with the regional stockholders are an integral part of Gazprom’s shareholder-oriented policy based on the corporate data openness and fair disclosure principles.

To be headed by Olga Pavlova, Member to Gazprom’s Management Committee and Head of the Company’s Asset Management and Corporate Relations Department, the Company’s delegation will include representatives of the departments overseeing corporate production, financial & economic and marketing businesses as well as experts from Gazprombank.

In the course of the meetings, Gazprom’s representatives will inform the shareholders of the corporate operating results over 2004, development prospects & strategic priorities and will take questions.

The meetings will be closed by press conferences.

Gazprom has paid special attention to over a thousand letters received from its stockholders over 2004, responding to, consulting and providing everyone interested with the intra-corporate documentation. The hot telephone line (tel.: (095) 719-26-01) is functioning round-the-clock to take shareholders’ questions. Gazprom’s shareholders are also free to receive regular consultations at Gazprombank’s regional depositories.


Gazprom’s largest shareholder is the State owning 38.37% of the corporate stock. As of year-end 2004, Russian legal entities, Russian individuals and foreign investors held 36.81%, 13.32% and 11.5% of Gazprom’s shares, respectively.

As of 6 May 2005, there were some 465 thousand stockholders of Gazprom.

The Company’s share capital totals 23,673,512,900 securities.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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