Moscow is hosting Gazprom's Annual General Shareholders' meeting

Today, at 10am local time, Moscow has hosted Gazprom’s Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting. The Company’s Russian and foreign stockholders with a total of 22,111,849,707 shares, which is 93.4% of their overall amount, are taking part in the Meeting personally, through their trustees or in absentia. As of 6 May 2005, the corporate Register of persons and legal entities entitled to participate in the Shareholders’ Meeting recorded 462,433 corporate equity owners with 23,673,512,900 shares.

In pursuance of a resolution by Gazprom’s Board of Directors, Dmitry Medvedev, Chairman of Gazprom’s Board of Directors and Head of the RF Presidential Administration was appointed as the Shareholders’ Meeting Chairman. The Board is also being represented at the Meeting by Alexey Miller, Alexander Ananenkov, Farit Gazizullin, Elena Karpel, Mikhail Sereda and Igor Yusufov.

The Meeting Agenda includes:

  • approving the Annual Report;
  • endorsing the Annual Financial Statements (Profit and Loss Statement inclusive);
  • allocating profit arisen over 2004;
  • amount, timing and method of dividend distribution;
  • remuneration to the Board of Directors and Auditing Commission;
  • approving Gazprom’s auditor;
  • amendments № 1,2,3 to the Company’s Articles of Association;
  • amending the Gazprom’s Board of Directors Guidelines;
  • endorsing the deals of corporate interest and to be potentially executed by Gazprom as part of regular business;
  • electing Gazprom’s Board of Directors;
  • electing Gazprom’s Auditing Commission.

At present, Alexey Miller, Gazprom’s Management Committee Chairman is delivering his Report on the corporate operating highlights over 2004.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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