Two compressor stations commissioned at polish section of Yamal – Europe gas pipeline

Between 18 and 19 July, Poland hosted a solemn ceremony dedicated to the commissioning of the Ciechanow and Szamotuly compressor stations at the Polish section of the Yamal – Europe gas pipeline.

Attending the ceremony were Alexander Ananenkov, Chairman of EuRoPol GAZ’s Supervisory Board & Deputy Chairman of Gazprom’s Management Committee, Michal Kwiatkowski, President of EuRoPol GAZ’s Management Board and Marek Kossowski, Deputy Chairman of EuRoPol GAZ’s Supervisory Board.

Bringing on-line the Ciechanow and Szamotuly compressor stations will allow to boost the throughput of the first line of the Yamal – Europe gas main in Poland from 22.8 to 29 bcm/y.

EuroPol Gaz is acting as the compressor station construction customer.

“Commissioning the Ciechanow and Szamotuly compressor stations is a crucial phase in the Yamal – Europe gas main development. This move gets us real close to bringing the Polish section of the line to its nominal capacity of some 33 bcm/y”, – maintained Alexander Ananenkov.

“The compressor stations construction has been completed within 18 months, as stipulated by the EuRoPol GAZ’s Investment Program. We’ve managed to achieve it due to the commitment and well coordinated teamwork of all the project participants,” – noted Michal Kwiatkowski.


Brought into operation on 6 November 1999, the Yamal – Europe gas main is more than 2 thou km in overall length and runs through Poland, Belarus and Russia, with its first line averaging 33 bcm/y in design capacity.

The EuRoPol GAZ Transit Gas Pipeline System was incorporated in September 1993 within the Inter-Governmental Agreement on the construction of a gas pipeline system for Russian gas transit via and Russian gas deliveries to Poland, dated 25 August 1993. EuRoPol GAZ’s major businesses are designing, constructing and operating the Polish section of the Yamal – Europe gas pipeline.

EuRoPol GAZ is the proprietor of 684 km of the Polish section of the Yamal – Europe gas pipeline along with the five compressor stations including Kondratki, Wloclawek, Ciechanow, Szamotuly and Zambrow. With the first four already on-line, the Zambrow station commissioning is due at the end of this year.

EuRoPol GAZ’s major shareholders are Gazprom and Polish Oil & Gas Company (PGNiG).

Poland annually consumes about 12 bcm of gas, including some 30% produced domestically. In 2004, Poland imported some 6.3 bcm of Russian gas.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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