Gazprom and Krasnoyarsk Area ink Cooperation Agreement

Today, at Gazprom’s Headquarters, Alexey Miller, Gazprom’s Management Committee Chairman and Alexander Khloponin, Governor – Chairman of the Administration Board of the Krasnoyarsk Area have inked a to 2009 Cooperation Agreement.

Under the Agreement, the parties agreed to closely cooperate for the purpose of providing the Krasnoyarsk Area’s consumers with efficient and secure gas supplies from local gas fields as well as of stretching the United Gas Transmission System eastwards.

Meeting Russian gas consumers’ demand and establishing the most favorable environment for the social-economic expansion in Eastern Siberia are preferential directions of the Krasnoyarsk Area’s gas industry development, as stipulated by the Agreement.

The Krasnoyarsk Area and Gazprom’s major joint businesses will be as follows:

  • implementing the state-led Program on setting up an integrated gas production, transmission and supply network in Eastern Siberia and the Far East;
  • developing and promoting the Program on the comprehensive development of the Krasnoyarsk Area’s hydrocarbon fields and gas trunk lines;
  • producing and implementing the aforementioned Programs-based projects on the Krasnoyarsk Area’s hydrocarbon field localization, exploration and development, gas and condensate pipeline construction as well as hydrocarbon feedstock processing;
  • implementing gas supply projects;
  • developing and implementing programs aiming to intensify the liquefied and compressed gas use as motor fuel;
  • developing and introducing gas conservation technologies.

The parties acknowledged the need to improve the Krasnoyarsk Area’s fuel and energy balance structure and to apply market gas prices that would be competitive with prices for other fuels and energies. The Area’s authorities will provide due payments for the gas used by local budget-financed consumers.

The Agreement lays special emphasis on the natural resources exploitation and geological exploration within the Area.

In developing natural resources licensing programs, the Administration Board of the Krasnoyarsk Area will take into account Gazprom and its subsidiaries’ proposals to include hydrocarbon prospects and fields into the list of to-be-licensed plays based on the East Siberian and Far Eastern united gas transmission system development principles. Simultaneously, the Board will appropriately assist Gazprom and its subsidiaries in obtaining operatorships over the prospects discovered through exploration at Gazprom’s expense.

Progressive approach and innovative technologies will be applied by Gazprom for hydrocarbon exploration and extraction, with extensive geological survey and rational field operation and protection to be provided, as well.

On signing the Agreement, Alexey Miller stated that “the Krasnoyarsk Area was playing a significant role for Gazprom’s business projections and eastwards-oriented strategy. In future, the Area is expected to convert into both a prominent gas extraction and deep processing province, which is very important.”

“We’ve found another gas business partner in the Area. I’ am talking about Gazprom,” – noted Alexander Khloponin.


Gazprom and the authorities of the Krasnoyarsk Area first entered into a Cooperation Agreement in December 1999.

The Area’s liquefied gas supply infrastructure is developed by 37% of maximum demand, including by 28.2%, in cities, towns and urban settlements and 60.5%, in rural area. Natural gas is not being delivered to the population.

To produce, transmit and sell gas, condensate and oil in the Krasnoyarsk Area, Gazprom has incorporated a subsidiary.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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