On Alexey Miller and Karen Karapetuan's working meeting

Gazprom’s Headquarters today hosted a working meeting between Alexey Miller, Gazprom’s Management Committee Chairman and Karen Karapetyan, ArmRosgazprom’s Director General.

The meeting addressed issues of bilateral cooperation in the energy sector, taking into account Armenia’s economic expansion. Special emphasis fell upon a program of gas deliveries to the Republic.

ArmRosgazprom was resolved to be furnished in 2005 with additional above-the-target natural gas amount for the purpose of meeting Armenia’s growing energy needs.


Armenia doesn’t extract natural gas. Gazprom resumed gas shipments to the Republic in June 2003 within the through 31 December 2007 contract concluded between Gazexport and ArmRosgazprom.

Armenia is expected to consume up to 1.7 bcm of natural gas in 2005.

Incorporated in December 1997, ArmRosgazprom is owned by Gazprom, Armenia’s Energy Ministry and ITERA holding 45%, 45% and 10% of said company’s shares, respectively.

ArmRosgazprom specializes in natural gas deliveries to and gas transmission, storage, processing, distribution and marketing in Armenia.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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