Board of Directors reviews matters relative to holding Annual Ceneral Shareholders' meeting

A Board of Directors’ meeting is in progress at Gazprom’s Headquarters.

The Board resolved to convene Gazprom’s Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting on 24 June 2005 in Moscow.

The list of persons and legal entities entitled to take part in the Shareholders’ Meeting will be drawn up based on Gazprom’s Shareholders’ Register to be filed up by the end of the 6 May 2005 business day.

The Board also approved a list of nominees for Gazprom’s Board of Directors and Auditing Commission, to be voted for at the Shareholders’ Meeting.

Under another Board’s resolution, the Shareholders’ Meeting agenda will include the following issues: approving the annual report and financial accounts (profit and loss accounts inclusive); amending the corporate Articles; electing the Board of Directors and Auditing Commission Members.


The list of nominees for Gazprom’s Board of Directors, to be voted for at the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting:

Akimov Andrey Igorevich – Chairman of Gazprombank’s Management Board;

Ananenkov Alexander Georgievich – Deputy Chairman of Gazprom’s Management Committee;

Bergmann Burckhard – Chairman of the Board of E.ON Ruhrgas AG;

Warnig Matthias – President of Dresdner Bank Russia and Geographic Head of the Dresdner Bank Group in the Russian Federation

Gazizullin Farit Rafikovich – Gazprom’s Board of Directors’ Member;

Glazer Sergey Fedorovich – Director of Vostok Nafta Investment Ltd.;

Gref German Oskarovich – Economic Development and Trade Minister of the Russian Federation;

Karpel Elena Yevgenievna – Head of Gazprom’s Economic Expertise and Pricing Department;

Kleyiner Vadim Georgievich – Director for Corporate Research with Hermitage Capital Management;

Medvedev Dmitry Anatolievich – Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation;

Miller Alexey Borisovich – Gazprom’s Management Committee Chairman;

Oganesyan Sergey Aramovich – Head of the Federal Agency for Energy;

Ryan Charles – Chairman & CEO of the United Financial Group;

Sereda Mikhail Leonidovich- Deputy Chairman of Gazprom’s Management Committee and Head of Gazprom’s Administration;

Fedorov Boris Grigorievich – Gazprom’s Shareholder;

Khristenko Viktor Borisovich – Industry and Energy Minister of the Russian Federation;

Shuvalov Igor Ivanovich – Aide to the President of the Russian Federation;

Sherbovich Ilya – President and Head of Investment Banking with the United Financial Group;

Yusufov Igor Khanukovich – Special Envoy of the RF President for International Energy Cooperation;

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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