On Alexey Miller and Klaus Kleinfeld's working meeting

Gazprom’s Headquarters today hosted a working meeting between Alexey Miller, Gazprom’s Management Committee Chairman and Klaus Kleinfeld, Siemens AG’s President and CEO.

The meeting explored the implementation of a Memorandum on cooperation, addressing, in particular, the manufacture and comprehensive supply of gas-pumping units for the upgrading and construction of compressor stations and introduction of automated control, telemechanics and state-of-the-art communications systems at the United Gas Transmission System of Russia.

Alexey Miller and Klaus Kleinfeld deliberated on matters of bilateral interaction when jointly implementing Gazprom’s innovative projects, including constructing the North-European gas pipeline, operating the Yuzhno-Russkoye field, developing gas transmission networks outside Russia as well as promoting power generation projects.


A member of Siemens AG’s Corporate Executive Committee since January 2004 and Siemens AG’s President and CEO since January 2005, Dr. Klaus Kleinfeld earlier led the company’s U.S.A. region as President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Corporation.

Founded in 1847, Siemens AG is an internationally recognizable electronics and electrotechnics brand being promoted through 190 locations worldwide in the information and communications, automation and control, power, transportation, medical, lighting and other sectors.

In 1853, Siemens started its business in Russia and, at present, operates in 30 regions of the country, being a lead developer of output, services and comprehensive solutions for the modernization of the key branches of the Russian economy.

Launching cooperation in 1993, Gazprom and Siemens have so far implemented major projects in the telecommunications and technological process automation sectors, creating, in particular, the Gazsvyaz Moscow digital communications zone and technological data transfer network, Caspiygazprom automated telephone system and Gaztelecom communications network as well as automating a comprehensive gas treatment unit at the Yamburg field.

At the same time, the companies are intent on upgrading automation systems of the Yamburg gas condensate production and treatment facilities. Among other top priority businesses are automated control and telemechanics systems of the United Gas Transmission System, telecommunications networks and information technologies.

In addition, Gazprom and Siemens are jointly developing cutting-edge technological solutions to produce equipment in Russia. In particular, the Nevsky Plant and Siemens set up the Demag Delaval Power Nevsky joint venture manufacturing state-of-the-art gas turbine equipment, for Gazprom’s needs inclusive.

In September 2003, Gazprom and Siemens signed a supplement to the Memorandum on cooperation, setting up a Coordinating Committee for bilateral cooperation.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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