Meeting of Regional Policy Commission held

Gazprom’s Regional Policy Commission conducted its regular session chaired by Alexander Ryazanov, Head of the Commission and Deputy Chairman of Gazprom’s Management Committee.

The Commission addressed the progress in the implementation of the Gazprom’s 2004 and 2005 Programs on gas deliveries throughout the Russian Federation, pointing to the successful fulfillment of the 2004 Program. Last year, Gazprom sponsored the construction of over 2,400-km-long low-pressure gas pipelines.

The Commission advised Mezhregiongaz and Promgaz to keep on achieving the gas supply expansion targets set and, consequently, to establish closer business ties with Gazpromregiongaz.

Mezhregiongaz was tasked with agreeing on the completion of construction and commissioning of gas supply infrastructure.

The focus of the meeting fell on the cost cutting mechanisms for the gas transmission network construction and on the measures aiming to ensure rational loading of existing and undergoing construction gas pipelines and to enhance the efficiency of natural gas use.

At the same time, the Commission reviewed the acquisition of the gas distribution networks pertaining to third-party businesses in the RF constituents.

Gazpromregiongaz was entrusted with providing the Commission with the information on the scope of gas distribution networks throughout the Russian Federation, to be potentially purchased based on their feasibility study and economics.

In addition, the Commission heard a report on the projected construction of social facilities in the RF regions over 2005, underscoring the need to develop a conception of mortgage home loans within the Gazprom Group.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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