Gazprom's Board of Directors' meeting adjourns

The Board of Directors’ meeting has adjourned at Gazprom’s Headquarters.

The Board endorsed the Gazprom’s Corporate Data Disclosure Guidelines prepared in accordance with the Company’s Corporate Governance (Behavior) Code. The Guidelines highlight the procedure of the corporate operating data disclosure and distribution to shareholders and other interested parties in pursuance of the RF legislation and Gazprom’s intra-corporate documentation.

To be put into practice by the Management Committee, the Document is targeted at fostering Gazprom’s openness and transparency.

Simultaneously, the Board approved the invitation of a long-term loan.

In addition, the Board resolved to amend the Regulations on the preparation and submission of materials for Gazprom’s Board of Directors’ meetings, revising certain provisions and taking into consideration recent changes in the RF legislation and an over 2-year practice of applying the Regulations.

Ultimately, the Board reviewed matters relative to the ratification of transactions of the corporate interest.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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