Meeting of VNIIGAZ's academic council held

The Academic Council of the Research Institute for Natural Gases and Gas Technologies (VNIIGAZ) has convened on a Session dedicated to the Gazprom’s mid- and long-term strategies in the gas production sector.

Attending the Session were Alexander Ananenkov, Deputy Chairman of Gazprom’s Management Committee, Vasily Podyuk, Member to Gazprom’s Management Committee and Head of Gazprom’s Gas, Condensate and Oil Production Department, Rudolf Ter-Sarkisov, VNIIGAZ’s Director General and Chairman of its Academic Council, heads and specialists of Gazprom’s structural business units as well as researchers and developers from VNIIGAZ.

In delivering his report, Alexander Ananenkov underscored that the issue being reviewed by the Academic Council was closely tied up to Russia’s energy safety and developing the gas extraction strategy implied a consistent approach covering the existing feedstock base & gas transmission capacity condition and development rates, with the Gazprom and independent producers’ gas withdrawal volumes being fit with the sales market needs. Adequate balance between gas production and consumption influences the investment scope and optimization.

The focus of the meeting fell on the necessity to scrupulously work through and scientifically underpin all the matters being touched upon within the General Scheme of the Russian gas industry development.

The Academic Council’s final resolution emphasizes the need to:

  • develop new regions (including the Yamal Peninsula, Ob and Taz Bays, Arctic offshore) with the view of building up annual gas production to 580–590 bcm between 2011 and 2020;
  • promptly implementing paramount research and design & survey programs.


VNIIGAZ is Gazprom’s major Research & Development, Technology & Engineering Center involved the resource base development, gas and condensate production, transmission and processing as well as in the gas industry environmental and industrial safety promotion.

Over 2004, the Gazprom Group of companies extracted 545.1 bcm of gas, 4.9 bcm up on the 2003 production level.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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