Leipzig hosts presentation of “The Golden Map of Russia. The Masterpieces of the Russian Art” Art Album

The Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts hosted yesterday a Presentation of “The Golden Map of Russia. The Masterpieces of the Russian Art” Art Album published by the State Tretyakov Picture Gallery with the participation of the museum-supporting Fatherland’s Treasures Foundation and with Gazprom’s financial backing.

Attending the Ceremony were Klaus-Ewald Holst, Chairman of the Executive Board of Verbundnetz Gas AG (VNG AG), Sergey Ushakov, Deputy Chairman of Gazprom’s Management Committee, Vladimir Kotenev, the Russian Federation Ambassador in Germany, Nikolai Sirota, the Russian Federation Consul General in Saxony and Thuringia, Alexander Bespalov, Head of Gazprom’s Information Policy Department, Bernhard Kaltefleiter, Head of Verbundnetz Gas AG’s Corporate Communication Unit, Hans-Werner Schmidt, Director of the Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts, Marina Elzesser, Deputy Director General of the State Tretyakov Picture Gallery as well as public officials, representatives of Leipzig museums, arts schools and other German cultural institutions.

“It gives us much pride to understand that Gazprom, this powerful world-class gas company, has been our business partner for many decades so far. Today’s meeting points once again to the fact that our relationships have so far went beyond the frames of just a simply commercial partnership. I hope that the Presentation of the Art Album on the Tretyakov Picture Gallery’s artistic masterpieces in the Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts will be a launching pad for the future cooperation between these two museums”, – pointed out Klaus-Ewald Holst.

“I’am grateful to specialists from Russian and German museums, the State Tretyakov Picture Gallery, the Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts, Gazprom and VNG AG’s employees as well as representatives of the RF Embassy in Germany and Roszarubezhtsentr for the scrupulous work done to make ‘The Golden Map of Russia. The Masterpieces of the Russian Art’ Art Album and today’s Presentation a crucial event in the cultural life of our countries. I’am sure that this Ceremony will contribute to strengthening the Russian-German friendship, close relationship and cooperation. Partnership and mutual respect have become prevailing factors along the Russian-German common historical path and we’re considering these criteria as the most important in our relationships with our gas partner”, – stressed Sergey Ushakov.


“The Golden Map of Russia. The Masterpieces of the Russian Art” Art Album is part of the “Golden Map of Russia” large ehxibitional and publishing Project being implemented by the Tretyakov Picture Gallery, that was awarded with the RF 2003 National Prize. Said Book is unparalleled among domestic and foreign arts editions and is unique for its collection of some 400 best works of the Russian fine arts and sculptures gathered by the State Tretyakov Picture Gallery and leading arts museums from 25 Russian regions. A range of the Art Album’s images was published for the first time.

The Album Presentation took place in Moscow and at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The Book was a big success and was highly appraised by Russian and foreign press agencies.

Leipzig is the 1st European city to have hosted the Presentation of this unique Album, organized in collaboration between Gazprom and its foreign counterparts. The Art Album is planned to be exhibited in a string of European capitals, such as Prague, Paris and Vienna.

The Leipzig Presentation was organized by Gazprom together with its long-lasting partner – the German VNG AG gas firm.

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