4th meeting of Energy Delta Institute's International Supervisory Board held

St. Petersburg hosted today the 4th Meeting of the International Supervisory Board of the Groningen Energy Delta Institute (the Netherlands).

The Meeting was attended by Sergey Ushakov, Gazprom’s Management Committee Deputy Chairman, George Verberg, N.V. Nederlandse Gazunie’s CEO and Vice-President of the International Gas Union, Boris Kuzmin, Head of Gazprom's Personnel Management Department, Eric Dam, Gazunie’s Board member and Director Business Support (HRM&ICT), Simon Kuipers, Chairman of the Board of the University of Groningen and Volko de Jong, Managing Director of the Energy Delta Institute.

The Meeting discussed the progress in implementing educational programs organized by the Energy Delta Institute, including the Program on the gas market development strategy and the Program on the implementation and analysis of large-scale projects in the gas industry (taught at the Groningen Meerwold Training Center, starting 2002) as well as the Seminar on the strategic usage of information and communications technologies in the gas industry (held at Gazprom's Training Center in January 2004).

The parties also examined the Energy Delta Institute's promising projects, new directions of cooperation in sharing experience among experts from the world's largest gas companies and issues related to making arrangements for joint activities targeted for 2004.


In 2001, Gazprom and N.V. Nederlandse Gazunie took an initiative for implementing a joint Project on exchanging and sharing knowledge and working experience in the gas industry. The Russian and Dutch Governments supported the initiative. The Project was called “Gas University”. Some time later, the University of Groningen joined the Project and together with Gazunie set up the Energy Delta Institute.

Starting September 2002, specialists from Gazprom, the RF Energy Ministry, Fortum, Gazunie, Shell and other companies have regularly studied at the Groningen Meerwold Training Center under the Program on the gas market development strategy. The Energy Delta Institute organized the training courses.

In 2003, within the frames of the XXII World Gas Congress held in Tokyo, Gazprom, Gazunie and the Energy Delta Institute signed the Cooperation Agreement on personnel training and exchange of knowledge in the energy business.

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