VNIIGAZ hosts International Scientific Conference on LNG&GTL: Global and Russian Prospects

The Research Institute of Natural Gases and Gas Technologies (VNIIGAZ) is hosting today the International Scientific Conference on LNG (liquefied natural gas) and GTL (gas-to-liquids): Global and Russian Prospects. Over 300 specialists from Russia and 14 countries from outside the CIS are taking part in the Conference.

The Scientific Conference was opened by Alexey Miller, Gazprom’s Management Committee Chairman.

“Liquefied natural gas and synthetic liquid fuels production is currently the most important direction of the gas business diversification. LNG spurs the natural gas marketing globalization. Superior technologies are being developed, gas transmission costs are declining and new opportunities are emerging to tap gas markets inaccessible in the past.

Counting on considerable resources of Arctic Seas (primarily, on those of the Shtokmanovskoye field), Gazprom performs feasibility studies for establishing the LNG production infrastructure and effecting LNG deliveries to North America”, – stated Alexey Miller.

In addressing the GTL industry development prospects, Gazprom’s top executive pointed out that this business might incite rapid development of low-pressure gas reserves (concentrated in Russian traditional gas production areas), associated petroleum gas reserves and gas fields situated within long distances from the existing Russian gas transmission infrastructure.

“By developing the GTL technologies, Gazprom can occupy an absolutely new position on the global motor fuel market and become one of its major players.

All these objectives are closely linked to Gazprom’s restructuring being conducted nowadays, which prescribes optimization of its core business management structure and aims at Gazprom’s accession to the top 5 world’s leading energy companies”, – Alexey Miller was quoted as saying.

The Conference is being attended by representatives of Gazprom, VNIIGAZ, ConocoPhillips, WINGAS, Gaz de France, Norsk Hydro and other companies. The Conference reports will focus on global challenges for the LNG and GTL market development: LNG business expansion worldwide trends, LNG carriers fleet enlargement, status and prospects of the LNG projects implementation around the globe and in Russia.

The Conference is hosting sessions on LNG and GTL, during which scientists and experts are presenting results of their research projects. The parties are addressing general issues of developing LNG and GTL markets, applying advanced technologies and tackling LNG and GTL economic aspects.

The Conference will last 2 days and will adjourn on May 27.


VNIIGAZ was established back in 1948 and is Gazprom’s major Research & Development, Technology & Engineering Center in developing the resource base, gas and gas condensate production, transmission and processing as well as in promoting environmental and industrial safety of the gas industry facilities.

In 2001, the Institute obtained the status of a Research Center. At present, VNIIGAZ employs over 1,500 highly qualified specialists (50 Dr. and 250 Phd., inclusive), houses the only Post-Graduate Studies School in the gas industry and has two Dissertation Councils (in 7 specialties) within the RF Education Ministry’s Higher Certification Commission.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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