E. ON AG's delegation visited Gazprom's Headquarters

E.ON AG's delegation visited today Gazprom's Headquarters to familiarize itself with Gazprom's business activities and to deliberate on issues of joint cooperation between the 2 companies.

In the course of the visit, E.ON AG's delegation composed of Wulf Bernotat, Chairman of E.ON AG's Board of Management and Ulrich Hartmann, Chairman of E.ON AG's Supervisory Board met Gazprom's top management, including Alexander Ananenkov, Acting Chairman of Gazprom's Management Committee and Yuri Komarov, Deputy Chairman of Gazprom's Management Committee.

Gazprom's top managers informed their counterparts of the corporate business prospects. In particular, the meeting raised the issues of natural resources exploitation, gas production build-up as well as Gazprom's gas export strategy implementation plans.

In addition, the parties discussed prospects of cooperation between Gazprom and E.ON AG in the gas business.

Upon the meeting adjournment, E.ON AG's delegation visited the Central Dispatch Management Department, Gazprom's key operating facility.


Russian gas was first delivered to Germany over 30 years ago. In 1970, the Soviet Soyuznefteexport Foreign Trading Association and the Ruhrgas company entered into a 20-year Contract on gas deliveries to the Federative Republic of Germany. The Contract was concluded within a range of Agreements called “Gas-Pipes”.These Agreements envisaged supplies of gas and pipes, stipulated a crediting scheme devising and laid foundations for gas trade between Russia and Germany.

On 1 October 1973, Russian gas first crossed the border of West Germany (Waidhaus, Bavaria).

At present, Germany is the largest purchaser of Russian gas. Last year, Gazprom piped 29.6 bcm of natural gas to German consumers, including roughly 20 bcm channeled to Ruhrgas, one of the largest purchasers of Gazprom's gas.

The contracts concluded between Gazprom and Ruhrgas have a validity up to 2030.

The Ruhrgas AG company was incorporated back in 1926 and is nowadays one of the biggest gas transmission entities in Europe. Ruhrgas' major business lines are natural gas procurement, transmission and marketing to German gas distribution companies.

At the start of 2003, Ruhrgas AG entered the largest German E.ON AG Energy Concern.

Ruhrgas is the largest foreign shareholder of Gazprom, controlling some 6.5% of the latter company's stake, including 3.5%, directly and 3%, through Gerosgaz, a joint venture of Gazexport (51%) and Ruhrgas (49%).

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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