Gazprom’s delegation visited machine building companies in Perm Region and Udmurtia

Alexander Ananenkov and Bogdan Budzulyak in the Privod holding company

Alexander Ananenkov and Bogdan Budzulyak in the Privod holding company

Alexander Ananenkov and Alexander Volkov working meeting

Alexander Ananenkov and Alexander Volkov working meeting

On March 22–23, Gazprom’s delegation headed by Alexander Ananenkov, Deputy Chairman of Gazprom’s Management Committee, made a business trip to the Russian machine building facilities producing equipment for the Company.

The delegation visited the Iskra Science and Production Association and Iskra-Turbogaz company (the city of Perm) producing high-efficiency gas pumping units; the Privod holding company (the town of Lysva) producing air and water cooled turbo generators and oil pumps; the Spetsgazavtotrans subsidiary (the town of Izhevsk) overhauling Gazprom-owned gas mains.

Meeting heads of the aforementioned companies, A. Ananenkov noted it once again that Gazprom and Russian machine builders’ joint activities mainly aimed to organize manufacturing of domestic high-quality products that could adequately compete with foreign analogues.

“Only by maintaining an approach like this, we’ll be able to meet all the challenges emerging in the gas industry and the entire Russian economy,” – stressed A. Ananenkov.

While giving wide backing to its contacting organizations, Gazprom puts forward a number of requirements to machine builders:

  • block-type equipment manufacturing;
  • maximum readiness of factory-tested equipment;
  • improving the gas pumping unit reliability in the shortest period possible;
  • establishing the engine maintenance system;
  • cutting product value and reducing shipment timing.

In the course of the visit Alexander Ananenkov held a working meeting with Oleg Chirkunov, Acting Governor of the Perm region.

The parties exchanged opinions on the cooperation prospects between Gazprom and the Perm region’s machine building companies. In addition, the parties touched upon the issues of gas deliveries to the region and of increasing the number of gas-driven vehicles. A. Ananenkov emphasized that resolving the problem of gas deliveries to the region directly depends on current payments and debt repayment for the gas supplied.

During the business trip Alexander Ananenkov also held a working meeting with Alexander Volkov, President of the Udmurt Republic.

The meeting discussed additional gas deliveries to Udmurtia and reached an accord to set up a working group comprised of Gazprom and Udmurtia’s experts for tackling the tasks related to devising the General Scheme of the region’s gas supply system development and establishing a united gas distribution company in the Republic.


At present, Gazprom tends to reduce the ratio of overseas purchases of drilling, oil and gas production equipment, gas pumping units, compressor units, control systems and pipes. In 2001 the ratio of the above-mentioned products in the corporate procurement system accounted for 17.6%, including 14.4% from outside the CIS. In 2003 Gazprom purchased 15.9% and 6.4%, respectively.

Less than 10% out of 4,040 gas pumping units mounted at the Company-run compressor stations are of overseas origin.

Gazprom primarily targets at acquiring domestic products. The Company invested some RUR 10 bcm in designing and developing domestic equipment within the past decade only. At the same time, Gazprom insists that the domestic and foreign product quality be in strict compliance with the Company’s requirements..

For this purpose, Gazprom elaborated and submitted on 27 January 2004 the Draft provision on the Gazprom Group’s procurement priorities for the Board of Directors’ consideration.

The Document allows for an open tender-based award of contracts only. Provided that it is impossible to make up detailed specifications of the goods purchased and it is necessary to analyze the suppliers’ offerings beforehand, the Provision allows for 2-phase open tenders. The Document outlines situations when goods and services can be purchased from a sole supplier.

Under the open tender-based system, Gazprom will purchase pipe products, building materials, metals and metal derivatives, cables, control and measurement equipment, petrochemical materials, machine building products, which is 80% of the Company’s overall purchases.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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