Results of Alexader Ananenkov and Klaus Klienfeld’s working meeting

Gazprom’s Headquarters hosted yesterday a working meeting between Alexander Ananenkov, Deputy Chairman of Gazprom’s Management Committee and Klaus Kleinfeld, Member of Siemens AG’s Corporate Executive Committee, responsible for Siemens AG’s business in Russia.

The parties summed up the results of interaction between the 2 companies in 2003 and implementation of joint projects in 2004 as well as deliberated on the agenda of the 3rd meeting of the Coordinating Committee for Cooperation between Gazprom and Siemens AG, planned to be held in the short run.

Klaus Kleinfeld identified cooperation between Siemens and Gazprom as straightforward and trustworthy and underscored that Siemens AG’s top management expressed interest in promoting fruitful cooperation between the companies.

“The present-day meeting is a strong testimony of progress in relationships between Gazprom and Siemens AG”, – stated Alexander Ananenkov.


Founded in 1847, the German-based company Siemens AG is an internationally known producer of electronics and electrical engineering devices that are used in information technology and communications, automation and control systems, power generation, transportation, medicine, lighting engineering and other sectors.

The company started operating on the Russian market back in 1853. At present, Siemens has its affiliates in Russia’s 30 regions and is one of the leading suppliers of products, services and advanced technologies intended to modernize Russia’s key economic industries. Siemens’ turnover in Russia (its subsidiaries’ share, inclusive) exceeded Euro 1 billion in 2003.

Gazprom and Siemens have been cooperating since 1993. Key projects were implemented in the sphere of telecommunications and technological process automation. In particular, the companies created the Moscow Digital Communications Zone and the Gazsvyaz Data Transmission Network, the Caspiygazprom Automated Telephone Systems Network, and the Gaztelecom Communications System. The companies also automated a gas treatment unit at the Yamburgskoye field.

For the time being, Gazprom and Siemens are involved in projects on upgrading automation systems at gas condensate production and treatment facilities of the Yamburgskoye field. Top priority directions of cooperation between the companies are automated control and telemechanics systems of the UGTS facilities, telecommunication networks and information technologies.

Gazprom and Siemens are also engaged in developing advanced technologies for Gazprom’s needs, being used for equipment manufacturing in Russia.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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