Alexey Miller held a meeting on Sibur’s development prospects

Today, at Gazprom’s headquarters, the Company’s Management Committee Chairman, Alexey Miller, conducted a meeting on Sibur’s development prospects. Alexander Ryazanov and Boris Yurlov, Gazprom’s Management Committee Deputy Chairmen, Alexander Dyukov, Sibur’s president, and heads of Gazprom’s core business departments took part in the meeting.

The parties considered Sibur’s performance in 2003 and the work on regaining control over the company’s assets as well as discussed Sibur’s development prospects.

“Gazprom is generally satisfied with Sibur’s performance for 2003. At the same time, the company’s top management has to endeavor to fulfill a settlement agreement concluded with creditors, to expand sales markets and to reduce production costs.

Sibur’s top executives must pay special attention to elaborating Sibur’s long-term development concept and to resolving a range of problems on the company’s assets structure optimization,” – said Alexander Ryazanov, Chairman of Sibur’s Board of Directors, at the end of the meeting.


The Sibur company is nowadays the largest Russian producer of petrochemical products, in particular, rubbers, tires, polymers and liquefied gases. The company’s share in Russia’s production of synthetic rubbers, tires, liquefied hydrocarbon gases and polyethylene accounts for about 47%, 48%, 23% and 25%, respectively. In addition, Sibur produces various types of plastics, high-octane gasoline components and many other products necessary for manufacturing and operating automobiles, agricultural machinery and building equipment, planes, space ships, packing and finishing materials.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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