Alexander Ananenkov conducted a meeting on establishment quality assurance system for equipment purchased by the company

Yesterday, at Gazprom’s headquarters, the Company’s Management Committee Deputy Chairman, Alexander Ananenkov, conducted a meeting on establishing a comprehensive manufacture & acceptance quality assurance system for the equipment purchased by the Gazprom Group of companies.

The Gazprom Group’s representatives and the heads of companies manufacturing and supplying equipment for Gazprom took part in the meeting. Alexander Shaikhutdinov, Deputy Head of Gazprom’s Gas Transportation, Underground Storage and Utilization Department, and Valery Golubev, the Company’s Management Committee member and Gazexport’s Director General, presented their reports.

The participants considered the operating results of the companies responsible, under Gazprom’s order, for quality assurance of the equipment purchased by the Group. The participants pointed out that the existing quality assurance system, which did not fully meet Gazprom’s requirements, should be improved.

In this connection, the parties adopted a resolution to set up a Gazprom-based body responsible for developing the quality assurance system for the gas industry as well as for coordinating the activity of the companies engaged in providing quality of the equipment delivered.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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