The RF Covernment issued order on the North-European gas pipeline

On January 16, the RF Government issued Order N64-r, in which the Government approved the RF Energy Ministry and Gazprom’s proposal (agreed with respective Russian Federal Executive bodies) on engineering the North-European Gas Pipeline (NEGP).

Under the Order, the RF Energy Ministry has to prepare, jointly with Gazprom, documentation required for the NEGP construction.

The RF Government commissioned the RF State Committee for Civil Construction (Gosstroy) and the RF Ministry of Natural Resources to provide, together with the interested Russian Federal Executive Bodies, public expertise of this documentation.


On November 18, 2002, Gazprom’s Management Committee adopted a resolution to start implemnting the NEGP construction project. The NEGP will run across the Baltic Sea bed from the town of Vyborg (Russian-Finnish border) to the German coast and then to Great Britain. The total length of the gas pipeline underwater section is 1,189 km.

The Project envisages construction of offshore gas brunches to deliver natural gas to Finland, Sweden and other countries. The NEGP will contribute to the expansion of the Scandinavian gas supply system as well as will enhance security of gas supply to Western Europe, Russia’s northwestern areas and the Kaliningrad Region.

In December 2000, the European Commission assigned the TEN (Trans European Network) status to the NEGP Project.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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