The Energy Tender results summed up

Gazprom summed up the results of the energy tender aimed at determining energy auditors of the Company’s subsidiaries for 2004.

Over 20 auditing companies accredited by Gazprom under the Company’s Provision on Energy Auditors Accreditation, took part in the tender.

Gazprom’s Tender Commission approved 18 organizations as Gazprom’s subsidiaries’ energy auditors for 2004: the “Energy Audit” Interregional Center (the city of Samara); the Teletron 4 company (Moscow); Sibenergouchyot Science and Production Association (the town of Iskitim); the City Center Expertis-Energetika (Saint-Petersburg); the Energy Saving Center of the Republic of Bashkortostan (the city of Ufa).

Gazprom will conclude relevant contracts with the tender winners for auditing over a hundred of the Company’s facilities.

The energy auditors were chosen based on their qualification, work experience at Gazprom’s facilities, geographical location, estimated cost of the proposed work and quality of work done in the past years.

The tender was held within the frames of Gazprom’s policy aimed at raising the transparency of subcontractors’ selection as well as at optimizing corporate expenses on acquiring third parties’ goods and services for the Gazprom Group of companies. The results of the tender will enable Gazprom to cut expenses on auditing its subsidiaries and facilities by over 12% compared to the amount planned for 2004.


Energy audit is a voluntary supervision procedure effected by specialized independent organizations (energy auditors) in order to assess how Gazprom’s subsidiaries and other fuel and energy consumers cope with energy consumption normatives, legal documentation and the RF prevailing energy saving legislation.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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