The results of Alexey Miller and Anatoly Efremov’s working meeting

A working meeting between Alexey Miller, Gazprom’s Management Committee Chairman, and Anatoly Efremov, Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region, was held today at Gazprom’s Headquarters.

The parties discussed the progress in constructing the Nyuksenitsa – Arkhangelsk and Tyumen Region’s Northern Areas (TRNA) – Torzhok gas pipelines.

A. Miller and A. Efremov pointed out that Gazprom’s Long-Term Financial Investments Program envisaged RUR 350 million to be channeled for constructing the Nyuksenitsa – Arkhangelsk gas pipeline to be also financed from the Arkhangelsk Region and federal budgets (RUR 50 million and RUR 75 million, respectively).

Discussing the NRNA-Torzhok gas pipeline-related issues, the parties considered the possibility of laying gas branches to the settlements of Yarensk, Ilyinsko-Podomskoye, Sovychegodsk and Krasnoborsk with the total length of 106 km; as well as of constructing 4 gas distribution stations and 28-km-long distribution networks. The parties agreed that Gazprom would lay gas branches and construct gas distribution stations within the NRNA-Torzhok gas pipeline project. For this purpose, the parties will make relevant amendments to the NRNA-Torzhok design documentation. The Arkhangelsk Region’s authorities will be responsible for financing the distribution networks project.


Total length of the Nyuksenitsa – Arkhangelsk gas pipeline accounts for 635 km. The 0–147.1 km section of the pipeline is, likely, to be brought into operation this year.

Gazprom and the Arkhangelsk Region’s authorities plan to construct 210.6 km of the NRNA-Torzhok gas main through the Arkhangelsk Region until 2006. Capital investments for this period are believed to average RUR 11.5 billion.

In 2003 Gazprom delivered over 1 billion bcm of gas to the Arkhangelsk Region.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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