Gazpromavia, a Gazprom’s subsidiary, provided cargo and passenger transportation at the Paris-Dakar rally

Gazpromavia, a Gazprom’s subsidiary, was the only Russian airline authorized to deliver passengers and goods for the Paris-Dakar rally held on January 1–21, 2004.

Three AN-74 jets were involved in transportation services. The 1st airliner delivered medical personnel and instruments, the 2nd one, equipment for reporters and the 3rd one, helicopter spare parts and cargo for racing teams. The 3rd jet was also full-time surveillance operational and had to stay alert to take off at any time. In case of the Rally participants’ injury, the “duty” plane could’ve urgently taken off to deliver the injured to the nearest hospital.

The Rally route totaled 11,147 km and passed through France – Spain – Morocco – Western Sahara – Mauritania – Mali – Burkina Faso– Mauritania – Senegal.

That was the 7th time Gazpromavia was servicing the Paris-Dakar rallies.


Gazpromavia, a 100% Gazprom’s subsidiary, was established on March 22, 1995.

Gazpromavia’s core operations are monitoring of gas pipelines and shift personnel transportation from European Russia to Western Siberia and the Extreme North, where main gas production, transportation and processing facilities are located.

In order to promptly resolve issues related to air works at gas mains located in Russia, Gazpromavia set up 7 affiliates in the following cities and towns: Kaluga, Perm, Samara, Ukhta, Yugorsk, Sochi and Yamburg.

Operating on the market for 8 years, Gazpromavia has acquired extensive experience in air flights in various environments all over Russia and abroad.

Gazpromavia employs highly qualified pilots, engineers, and technicians and owns a big aircraft fleet consisting of 33 jets (Falcon-900B, Yak-42D, Yak-40, Tu-154M, Tu-134A-3, An-74, Il-76TD) and 74 helicopters (MI-2, MI-8, Ka-26).

The airline’s major airport is Ostafiyevo (Moscow region).

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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