Board of Directors examined Gazprom’s export strategy

Gazprom’s Headquarters host a Board of Directors’ meeting.

The Board of Directors took into account information on the Company’s export strategy.

Gazprom’s Management Committee was commissioned to actively promote cooperation with federal executive bodies to back up Gazprom’s strategic interests under the forthcoming EU expansion and Russia’s accession process to the WTO.

Russian gas exports to Europe are experiencing a stable growth. Gazprom’s gas deliveries account for 26% and 40% of the European gas consumption and imports, respectively.

Russian gas supplies to Central and Western Europe totaled 132.9 bcm in 2003 against 128.6 bcm, in 2002.

Gas sales in Europe hit a record of over USD 16 billion in 2003, 22% up on 2002.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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