Gazprom resumed gas delievered to Belarus

Today, at 14:47 pm local time, Gazprom resumed gas transmission to as well as gas transit via Belarus. Gas deliveries to the Republic were resumed based on the Contract signed today between Trans Nafta and Beltransgaz. The contract envisages 640 million cubic meters of gas supplies covering a 10-day period.

The Belarusian side hasn’t yet signed the Agreement on Russian gas transit via the Republic.


Beltransgaz and Trans Nafta signed the previous Contract on gas deliveries to Belarus on February 12. The scope of gas supplies totaled 360 million cubic meters. Due to the expiration of the Contract and non-sanctioned withdrawal of Russian gas transited through the Republic to third countries, Gazprom was forced to terminate Russian gas deliveries (gas transit, inclusive) to Belarus on February 18.

Gazprom hasn’t been delivering gas to the Republic since January 1, 2004. ITERA terminated gas supplies to the country on February 12.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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