The results of the seminar on Gazprom and Gaz de France’s gas distribution systems management

On February 19, Promgaz’s headquarters hosted a seminar-presentation on Gazprom and Gaz de France’s gas distribution systems management.

Representatives from both companies shared experience in operating and raising the security of Russian and French gas distribution systems. The meeting analyzed the outcomes of a joint pilot project implemented to upgrade the underground gas network anti-corrosion protection in the town of Rybnoye (Ryazan Region). The project implementation ended with the gas pipeline life span prolongation as well as with a double reduction of electricity used for electric and chemical protection of pipelines.

The aforementioned pilot project has yielded fruits and, as a result, will be applied to other RF gas distribution networks. Based on the experience gained, Gazprom and Gaz de France will henceforth conduct instrumental testing of Russian gas distribution networks and will upgrade and modernize gas transportation infrastructures.

The Gazprom and Gaz de France’s representatives’ meeting ended in sharing experience between Russia and France on the most rational solutions to the problems arising while operating gas distribution systems. The parties exchanged concrete recommendations to be applied as in Russia as in France on upgrading and providing anti-corrosion protection of gas pipelines, decreasing the value of the works done and providing economic efficiency and operational security of gas pipelines.

Positive experience in technology applications, put into life in Russia and France, allows both companies to enlarge the gas pipeline life span. The meeting paid particular attention to preventing large-scale accidents, protecting environmental milieu and improving qualification of specialists maintaining gas distribution networks.

Gazprom and Gaz de France’s representatives discussed further cooperation prospects and plans for upgrading and providing anti-corrosion protection of gas pipelines in the RF regions.


Gaz de France is one of the Europe-largest gas companies. The company’s major business lines are natural gas exploration, production, marketing and distribution, conditioning and thermal engineering. In 2003 the company’s turnover was preliminarily estimated at some Euro 16 billion.

Cooperation between Gazprom and Gaz de France on gas supply matters began back in 1976. From that year onwards, Gazprom provided Gaz de France with over 232.7 bcm of natural gas. Gas deliveries are carried out based on several long-term contracts. In 2003 Gazprom delivered 10.72 bcm of gas to its French partner. The companies are co-promoters of the FRA GAZ trading house engaged in natural gas sales and equipment supplies.

Promgaz is a Gazprom’s parent scientific center for gas distribution and utilization, regional power generation, energy saving, development of small-sized oil and gas fields and coal-bed methane reserves. The Promgaz company comprises research institute, sci-tech center for advanced equipment and technology development, gas-driven equipment production plant, agencies and branches in the Russian cities and towns of Astrakhan, Novokuznetsk, Oryol, Irkutsk and Kamensk-Shakhtinsky (Rostov Region).

Promgaz is involved in elaborating regional comprehensive energy projects and energy saving programs, general schemes of the RF gas supply system development, projects related to the small-sized oil and gas field development and coal-bed methane extraction.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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