Gazprom delegation participated in the International Gas Union meeting in Cape Town

The meeting of the International Gas Union was held today in Cape Town, South Africa. Gazprom delegation headed by Deputy Management Committee Chairman Aleksander Ananenkov participated in the meeting.

The results of the 22nd World Gas Congress held in June 2003 in Tokyo have been summarized, and the working program of the International Gas Union up to 2006 has been approved. The IGU Council approved new associated membership in the organization, including associated membership of the Russian Gas Society.

In his address to the IGU Council, Aleksander Ananenkov confirmed that Gazprom is gradually moving from stabilization to expansion of gas production and exports. This goal will be achieved by means of new technology utilization in developing remote gas provinces and entry to new markets.

“Aleksander Ananenkov stated Gazprom will maintain its leadership in the global gas market even in the circumstances of intense competition”.

Gazprom’s Deputy Management Committee Chairman emphasized that the Company would be actively involved in implementation of IGU working programs, including such promising areas as LNG production and transportation, development of non-traditional hydrocarbon sources, new technology implementation in gas fields exploration and development, environmental protection and energy saving.

Aleksander Ananenkov has also informed the meeting participants about Gazprom’s proposal to host the 25th World Gas Conference in Russia in the year 2012.


The International Gas Union (IGU) is an international non-profit organization. Its principal aim is to facilitate gas industry technical and economic development. IGU was established in 1931.

IGU organizes research and cooperation programs among international gas companies in all areas of natural gas production and utilization. IGU holds international congresses once every three years.

Currently there are 67 country members in the IGU. Gazprom, charter member of the organization, represents the Russian Federation in the International Gas Union.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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