Results of Alexey Miller’s visit to Kirghizia

Today, in Bishkek, in the framework of Gazprom’s Management Committee Chairman Alexey Miller’s visit to the Central Asia, Mr Miller met Mr Askar Akaev, President of the Republic of Kirghizia, and Mr Nikolay Tanaev, Prime Minister of the Republic of Kirghizia. Based on the results of the negotiations between Gazprom and Kirghizia’s government, a 25-Year Agreement on Long-Term Cooperation in the Gas Industry was signed. The Agreement envisages the following key directions of bilateral cooperation:

  • upgrading, construction and operation of gas pipelines, compressor stations and other gas industry infrastructure’ facilities in the Republic
  • development and implementation of gas saving and power supply projects
  • exploration, construction and development of hydrocarbon fields in the Republic.

In addition, the Agreement envisages cooperation in upgrading compressor stations at the Mailuu-Sud UGS facility and supply of the equipment to meet the Kirghizian gas industry’s demand. The parties will discuss Gazprom’s participation in operating the Kirghizian gas pipeline system.

“The agreement has opened new horizons for cooperation between Gazprom and Kirghizia. We’ve got an opportunity to implement a number of mutually beneficial projects in different sectors of the gas business. Our cooperation is not only aimed at supplying natural gas to the Republic, but will also become a part of the global integration process on the Central Asian gas markets,” said Alexey Miller upon signing the agreement.


Proved natural gas resources in Kirghizia account for 5.7 bcm. The development of gas fields is hampered by geological peculiarities of fields and the undeveloped infrastructure.

Kirghizia annually consumers 0.6 bcm of natural gas. The country’s gas demand is met by deliveries from Uzbekistan.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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