Gazprom’s delegation will attend the World Gas Conference in Tokyo

22nd World Gas Conference

22nd World Gas Conference

The Gazprom’s delegation headed by Alexey Miller, Chairman of Gazprom Management Committee, will attend the 22nd World Gas Conference, to be held in Tokyo from 1 to 5 June.

The delegation include Alexander Ananenkov, Deputy Chairman of Gazprom Management Committee, Elena Vasilyeva, Deputy Chairman of Gazprom Management Committee, Yury Komarov, Deputy Chairman of Gazprom Management Committee, Sergey Ushakov, Deputy Chairman of Gazprom Management Committee, Management Committee members: Mikhail Akselrod, Bogdan Budzulyak, Victor Ilyshin, Konstantin Chuichenko. Among others are: Rudolf Ter-Sarkisov VNIIgaz Director General, Alexander Karasevich, Promgaz Director General, Georgy Krylov, TyumenNIIGiprogaz Director General and other Gazprom’s officials.

The motto of the Conference is Catalysing an Eco-Responsible Future. The Conference will set up strategic approaches to energy saving, environmental protection, effective development of the energy infrastructure.

Alexey Miller’s key report titled Eurasian direction of the Russia’s Gas Strategy will be presented in English and scheduled for 4 June. Key reports on the global tendencies of energy and the global gas industry development and other world’s business leaders reports will be presented.

Bogdan Budzulyak will make his report as a special speaker on 2 June to the Conference. The theme of his speech is The role of Gazprom's UGS facilities in securing gas supplies to Russian market and for exports to Europe and Asia.

In addition, Gazprom’s officials and experts will present 37 reports at technological forums of the Conference. Some of the reports to be presented are devoted to long-time experience in construction and operation of highly productive wells and gas gathering pipelines in the permafrost, management of gas fields development to increase gas recovery in the Extreme North, the tariff policy in the development of Russia’s gas market, present state and outlooks for gas supply diversification in the European countries, Russia’s cooperation relationships with the FSU Republics related to the gas market development, environmental safety of Underground Gas Storage facilities operation.

In parallel with the Conference the World Gas Exhibition will be held in the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, known as “Tokyo Big Sight” with the total exhibition area of 26 thousand m2. The Gazprom’s exposition will occupy 324 m2. The core business of the company, international cooperation projects, Yamal field development and Russia’s United Gas Transmission System development will be presented at 10 information stands. The Yamburgazdobycha, Promgaz, VNIIgaz, Gazkom, Gazcomplectimpex, Giprospetsgaz and TyumenNIIgiprogaz presentations will be organized at the exhibition complex.


International Gas Union (IGU) was founded in 1931 in Great Britain. Its conference is to be held every three years (the Second World War period was exceptional). In 1970, the IGU Conference was held in Moscow.

During the last triennial between XXI and XXII Conferences (2000–2003) 10 Committees were under operation. They were focussed on research related to gas production, storage, transmission and distribution and LNG production. Besides, the following problems were studied: gas utilization by residential, commercial and transmission sectors, gas utilization by industries and power generation, environment, safety and healthcare, prospects, the world gas system strategy of development and economics, gas utilization in the developing countries and transition economies. In Tokyo, the analytical researches of the Committees will be presented.

Within 2003–2006, Sergey Khan, Head of the Underground storage department will be operating Chairman of the UGS Committee, and Vadim Kobilev, Head of Scientific and Technical Department, will act as Deputy Chairman of the Gas Production Committee.

The delegates from more than 60 countries representing 90% of all gas sales will attend the XXII Conference.

The XXIII Conference will be held in Amsterdam in 2006.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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