Session of the Presidium of European Business Congress in Gazprom

A session of the Presidium of the European Business Congress (EBC) took place at the central office of Gazprom. The session was headed by the EBC president, the Chairman of the Management Committee of Gazprom Alexey Miller.

The EBC presidium discussed the topic of preparation for the 6th general meeting of the Congress and made decision to hold it in Moscow, June 19–20, 2003.

Making a speech at the session, Alexey Miller made suggestion to arrange an international conference on “Liberalization of the European gas market” within the framework of a regular general meeting of the Congress.

As noted the head of Gazprom, today the EBC enters a qualitatively new stage of work, related to the deepening of integration process in Europe, formation of the all-European economic space, and gradual liberalization of the energy markets of the European Union and Russia.

Alexey Miller stressed that the EBC has undergone not an easy way in a search of common language and elaborated practical mechanisms of interaction between representatives of the western and eastern private business. Today, the EBC has turned into efficient international institution, which successfully contributes to business contacts development and direct dialogue between the business leaders and politicians.

“The EBC does not deal with implementation of commercial projects; however, it may pave the way for most promising joint projects and to assist in social projects capable to bring about tangible benefits to the companies – members of the EBC”, said Alexey Miller, the Chairman of the Management Committee of Gazprom.

The EBC president delineated the strategic directions of the Congress’s activities. Alexey Miller stressed that leading energy companies make the core of the EBC today and it is essential to employ their potential in full measure. The EBC will contribute to the development of energy dialogue between Russia and the European Union. The EBC position and recommendations on topical questions of the gas and power business will be presented to the EU Commission.

At the same time, it will be necessary to focus on attracting the East and West European companies to the EBC activities, the companies from different spheres of practical economic sector.

Another report on “The energy policy of renovated Europe” topic at EBC presidium session was made by the senior economic adviser of the UN Economic Commission for Europe Sid Vilogorak. Mr. Vilogorak noted that this vital, complicated and many-sided problem deserves attention not only from the energy companies – members of the EBC, bur the entire international business community.


European business congress unites 75 companies from 20 countries – members of the OSCE, including such large corporations and banks as ExxonMobil, DaimlerChrysler, Simens, Gazprom, Deutche Bank, Dresdner Bank, Alcatel, Wintershall, Ruhrgas, Gas de France, ENI, Fortum and others. The founding congress of the EBC was held in Bonn (Germany) in 1997. The EBC Secretariat is located in Berlin (Germany).

The EBC tackles practical problems of economic cooperation in Europe, is engaged in preparation of proposals to eliminate obstacles for efficient and safe business activities.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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