Alexey Miller and Vladimir Tikhonov have signed an agreement on gas supply development in the Ivanovo Olast

Today, the Chairman of the Management Committee of Gazprom Alexey Miller and the Governor of The Ivanovo region Vladimir Tikhonov have signed an agreement on gas supply development in the Ivanovo region in the central office of Gazprom.

According to the document signed the parties will elaborate an investment project on gas supply development in the oblast, which will include the following:

A package of gas saving measures in the field of gas distribution and consumption;

Introduction of equipment and technologies in order to increase gas utilization efficiency;

Use of alternative gas supply sources for gas delivery to settlements remote from the gas mains.

According to the Agreement, the Ivanovo region administration is committed to pay in full for gas deliveries to organizations financed from the region and local budgets.

The region administration will assist enterprises of the Gazprom group of companies dealing with design, construction and operation of gas supply facilities in securing credit, taxation and other privileges.

According to the Agreement, gas supply and gas supply development facilities constructed within the frames of the program implementation at the expense of Gazprom will be considered Gazprom’s property.

The parties agreed to collaborate more actively in limiting the volumes of gas consumption among the oblast enterprises and organizations. No later than September of the current year the administration on Ivanovo region will adopt the schedule of the consumers’ transfer to alternative fuels in cold period.

Gazprom, in its turn, will ensure uninterruptible gas supply to the consumers in the Ivanovo region, taking into account the capability of the United Gas Supply System and the state of gas delivery repayment and existing indebtedness.


The level of gas supply development in the Ivanovo region amounts to 62.9% when an average level for Russia is just 52%. The indebtedness of the Ivanovo region consumers amounts to RR 61.21 million (as of 01.01.2003).

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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