Alexey Miller presented a new general director of NTV

The Chairman of the Management Committee of Gazprom Alexey Miller presented Nikolay Senkevich, a newly appointed general director of NTV, to the personal of the company today. Alexey Miller informed the journalists that before his new appointment Nikolay Senkevich performed the duties of the head of the Information policy department of Gazprom and supervised activities of the companies belonging to the Gazprom-media holding company.

“Over a year Nikolay Senkevich was dealing with a package of problems related to media assets. He knows in details all aspects of the Gazprom-media holding companies’ activities. Nikolay Yurievich took an active part in preparation and implementation of a number of important contracts, which enabled Gazprom to consolidated the management of the holding’s companies and first of all, the NTV company. Lately he acted as the Secretary of the Directors’ Board of Gazprom-media holding company and coordinated the activities of the holding’s companies management. I am sure that Nikolay Senkevich with his potential will ensure successful development of the largest private TV company in Russia”, said Alexey Miller. “There are three most important conditions for my performing as the general director of NTV. First of all, the shareholders’ position remains unaltered – the channel will be developed as a nongovernmental commercial television company. Secondly, freedom of speech limitation is not allowed in the company and I give my personal guarantee to it. The NTV company should maintain its objective and independent position. Thirdly, I am convinced that the personnel of the company is the best and the most efficient in the country. My primary task is to make all necessary efforts for successful realization of the collective potential”, said Nukolay Senkevich at the meeting with the personnel of the company.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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