Meeting of Management Committee of Gazprom

An ordinary meeting of the Management Committee was held today. The Committee discussed the following topics:

  • оn organization of work for preparation of the annual General meeting of the shareholders of Gazprom;
  • оn the development of technology and organization of production of synthetic liquid fuels in Gazprom.

The Management Committee made decision to suggest to the Board of Directors to arrange the annual General meeting of the shareholders on the results of the corporate activities in Moscow, on June 27, 2002. A list of persons entitled to participate in the annual General meeting of the shareholders is suggested to be prepared on the basis of the shareholders register information as of the beginning of the business day May 27, 2003.

The Management Committee approved a makeup of the Commission for arrangement of the shareholders Meeting. The Deputy chairman of the Management Committee Sergey Lukash will head the Commission. The Committee also approved the measures for preparation of the Meeting and publishing the Annual report of Gazprom for 2002.


Calling of an annual General meeting of the shareholders is in exclusive competence of the Board of Directors. The date of the Meeting and the list of persons entitled to participate in the meeting are determined by the Board of Directors. In accordance with the Articles of association, the shareholders’ meeting is arranged no earlier than two months and no later than six months after completion of fiscal year.

The next annual General meeting of the shareholders of Gazprom will take place for the tenth time. All the previous shareholders’ meetings were held in Moscow, where the Company is registered.

Having discussed the problem of organization of synthetic liquid fuels production on the basis of natural gas, the Committee recognized it as one of the topical directions of Gazprom’s business diversification, which will allow widening the range of commercial output. The Committee approved the program of research and scientific works on the development and implementation of the technology for natural gas conversion to synthetic liquid fuels, including gasoline and diesel oil.

It was noted during discussion of the topic that large-scale diversification of Gazprom’s business in this field does not exclude its close cooperation with Russian and foreign companies as well as involvement of scientific, technical and innovative potential of the national science and industry.

Information Directorate, OAO Gazprom

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